The Business Plug

This company serves creatives who design with equity in mind, collectives who want to generate cooperative community power, and social entrepreneurs that want to make the world a better place. We exist for those who are working from the ground up to execute their vision and help lay the legal foundation for startups, nonprofits, and independent contractors. Keep scrolling to learn more.


Who We Serve


Organized to share and build profits


Working with new founders.

Social Entrepreneurs

Social change through innovation


We help others, help others.

How We Serve

Contracts + Agreements

Contracts and agreements are essential for any entrepreneur. We think about contracts and agreements as foundational discussions between parties to a business transaction. Contracts help lay the ground rules for how parties will do business and provide remedies in the event something goes wrong.

We can:

  • Review contracts and agreements

  • Consult for contract and agreement negotiations

  • Draft a contract or agreement for you

Form a Company

Choosing the appropriate business structure that best fits you or your team’s vision for your venture is essential. There are a number of business forms to choose from, all with different liability and tax consequences.

We can:

  • Help you select a business form

  • Help you file paperwork to create a legal entity

  • Draft governance documents like bylaws

  • Draft and review stock purchase agreements

Form a Nonprofit

Nonprofits have document requirements for their formation and legal documentation is needed to effectively run them. Bylaws lay out how a nonprofit will operate including whether or not it will have members. A nonprofit needs the appropriate documentation to help it achieve its purpose and mission.

We can:

  • Form a nonprofit and draft necessary formation documents

  • Assist with gaining tax-exempt status

  • Provide consultation for strategic planning and board development